Meat snacks and bars are a trend that we saw at the 2017 Fancy Food Show. Food journalist Christina Mueller gives us a unique perspective on some of the companies providing new and innovative flavors in jerky meat snacks and talks to EPIC Provisions about their regenerative agriculture practices.

February is National Snack Month. (Don’t worry, I didn’t know that either until I started working on this article). Who knew that snacks needed their own month? Developed as a marketing and sales tool in 1989 by SNAC International, an industry resource group that “supports growth and relevance for the international snack industry,” National Snack […]

Does anyone care about Valentine’s Day? Named for one or more early Christian saints (Valentinus seems to be the most popular name variation), Valentine’s Day first became associated with love in the 14th century. Cupid, as he was known to the Romans, also known as Eros to the Greeks, has been around as the god […]

As we peer into mid-February, we ask you to examine the symbol known as the heart. The heart is an ancient symbol, used by Romeos and Juliets for centuries as an expression of love in all its forms. Modern day symbols are all around us but perhaps the most recognizable and ubiquitous are emojis. Emojis, […]

  Well, Super Bowl 51 has come and gone. Highlighted by one of the most ambitious half-time shows ever and arguably one of the greatest comebacks by any team maybe ever, which television ads do you remember, if any? Did any innovative packaging design stand out? In a brief conversation with Simon Thorneycroft, the Founder & […]