Project Info

Wise Food Truck Favorites

Wise Snacks came to us with an exciting new product line inspired by iconic food trucks and their signature dishes. Using bold architecture, engaging food photography, and distinctive details like metal textures and quirky typography, we crafted a packaging solution that captures the dynamism and authenticity of the food truck experience. The first 2 flavors launching nationally are: Loaded Chili Cheese Dog, courtesy of Papaya King and Beef Barbacoa Tacos from North East of the Border. The 7.5-ounce packages prominently feature photography of the actual product in its signature “to-go” tray resting on a metal shelf, instantly cueing the taste experience. The angle and height is balanced at eye level where consumers would grab their order. Chips are nestled around the product to support and connect the idea. Bright colored backgrounds for ease of flavor differentiation are framed on top and bottom by a metallic silver band providing an instant and memorable connection to the food truck. The Wise brand identity/quality ribbon sits on top of the sub-brand name, Food Truck Favorites. Finally, the truck owner’s brand icon is placed like a sticker on the front panel to build instant recognition of the flavor. The back panels highlight the food truck owners, where to find them and how to follow them on social media.

Wise potato chips have been around since 1921 and enjoy a loyal following, especially among Boomers. Food Truck Favorites will help extend the all-family appeal, and help Millennials who seek variety and are looking for authenticity discover the brand. As part of the program, flavors will rotate in and out every 6 months. After the initial wave, consumers will be invited to nominate their own favorite food truck. New food truck operators will be selected to develop flavors inspired by their brand and, just as food trucks utilize social media platforms (especially Twitter) to promote and help consumers track their locations, Wise will promote the launch using social media, eCoupons, and sampling events.

According to Jeremy Bjork, Chief Marketing Officer, Wise Snacks, “We knew how powerful packaging design can be in driving sales at launches such as these, and loved the way the overall concept and style of the packaging is uncluttered and honest, capturing the authenticity and spirit of the food truck experience. We think this will fuel engagement with our brand and appeal to a whole new audience.”